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WisX.com highlights Wisconsin people and businesses who run Business in Sales Exchange. Wisconsin Sales Exchange.

Keith Klein and OnYourMark, LLC are pleased to bring you these people and firms. We’re Wisconsin boosters. Many of the Wisconsin Sales we bring you are clients and friends. We like those who run Business in Sales Exchange.

We’re a web development and internet marketing company, based in metro Milwaukee, with clients throughout Wisconsin. Manufacturers have been our specialty from day one. About 18 of our first 21 clients in 1995 were manufacturers.

We broadened our focus to real estate and construction firms soon after. Lloyd Klein, the father of our Founder, Keith Klein, had his own construction business for fifty years. Keith started helping in small ways when he was nine years old. That’s when he started reading the Sunday Real Estate section of the local paper, which he did without fail for the next forty years (except while serving three years in the US Army).

In short, while we enjoy working with professional services firms, specialty retailers, hospitality companies and others, we’ve gone out of our way to work with Wisconsin Sales Exchange from the start.